Gibraltar weddings

I’m a wedding photographer in Gibraltar, as well as a photographer in Marbella and Malaga.
In this section of my blog, I’d like to show you the weddings I’ve done at The Rock. I myself live between Malaga and Marbella but nevertheless receive a lot of requests to do work over there.
Gibraltar is a marvellous, cosmopolitan city that belongs to the United Kingdom and is located in the south of Spain. It is renowned for its lovely climate and friendly locals who talk both Spanish and English, making it a great place for tourists who often go there and feel right at home.
Each year, more and more couples decide to get married in Gibraltar. Many of these couples are looking for an intimate, tranquil wedding and choose to have this at one of the beautiful locations that Gibraltar has to offer. Popular locations include the botanic garden, the beach or even a pretty spot at the top of the famous ‘Rock of Gibraltar’. Some opt for something simpler and get married at Gibraltar’s registry office.
After the wedding ceremony, the couple usually like to have a couples photo session, taking pictures in and around Gibraltar, making the most of its beautiful streets and beaches. It’s also common for the couple to have photos taken with the monkeys hanging around the famous rock.
Feel free to have a look around my website and look through the photos I’ve taken. If you feel you’d like me to be your wedding photographer, I’d be delighted to talk to you about how I work. You can get in contact with me by going to the following link: