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If you have found yourself here and are wondering who I am, my name´s David de Biasí and I’m a wedding photographer in Malaga ( Spain ). I cover weddings all over Spain and the world. I would like to invite you to have a look around my blog and get to know a little more about me.
I am opening this post with a photograph of the first kiss of the newlyweds, Carlos and Lorena, who are seen here surrounded by a pergola with the sea in the background.
This photo is from their wedding day and doesn´t really belong here in this post of their photo session. However, I feel that this photo is a really good symbol of the way that they are, how their wedding was and how they wanted to be surrounded by nature, with everything done in a simple, natural way but with lots of detail that encompassed their personality.
In fact, I especially remember the moment of this photo, as it happened that the day was only getting cloudier and then all of a sudden, the sun came out shining for a few seconds, right in the moment of the kiss, It was stunning!
Lorena and Carlos wrote me an email, wanting a wedding photographer in Malaga with an original and natural style. The couple met six years ago on the internet and one day, suddenly decided to get married. It was a very lovely email, from a couple that told me excitedly, ¨We have the idea of an American style wedding in Malaga, next to the sea, cocktails instead of a meal, everything very simple but with lots of detail. We had never really thought about getting married and everything has happened very quickly, as we are both very impulsive and when we get excited about something, we just go for it without thinking. It was me who suggested the idea of getting married to Carlos, strange, given that from the start I decided I would never get married. But then I thought, why not?¨
We have lots of similar interests, like travelling, fashion, animals ( we have two beautiful dogs ) but in other ways we are completely opposite. I think though it´s this which makes us compliment each other so well, so we want to get married, to celebrate having met each other, that we are and have been happy for all this time, and do it together with our loved ones and in our way, we were all of a sudden organizing our wedding in Malaga.
After marrying, they decided to meet with me again to do some photos and I took them to various places in Málaga – the beach, river, countryside, and other more urban places. I love when this kind of couple contact me, young, with an original way of seeing life and clear ideas, but at the same time open to everything. I hope you are happy that I have been your wedding photographer.
That day they let themselves go and here I tell you what happened.
A big hug guys! Be happy!

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