Same-Sex Weddings in Spain


Hi, my name is David Biasi, wedding photographer in Spain specialized in same-sex marriages. In this web page, I would like to show you some of my  bests work with gay couples. Owing to this, I must admit that doing my first same sex wedding was really special; I felt relaxed and at ease and the couple made me feel great.

When it comes to taking photos of heterosexual couples, generally you will find (especially in the more posed photos), that there are stereotypes that become apparent. For example, it’s common that the bride is given a particular role and the groom another.

With gay weddings, we break away from this stereotype and simply allow the couple to behave naturally, in the way that they themselves are. If I’m honest, I genuinely believe that this is what we should be doing with heterosexual couples too, and this is something I put into practice more and more, as it sees that everything is as natural and authentic as possible in all of my shoots.

The weddings that I’ve have the honour of photographing have always been very intimate and moving. Sometimes, I have noticed there is a level of emotion between the couple and family and friends, somewhat more intense than at heterosexual weddings. It is sometimes the case that the journey leading up to the marriage between gay couples has not been straightforward or easy. This makes it all the more beautiful to see how everything comes together in the end, with tears of joy and happiness.

If you would like to see my other work, please don’t hesitate to check out my portfolio or take a look at one of the best gay wedding I have done in Spain of a beautiful couple from London.

I hope you enjoy and are as moved as I am by the following reports of gay couples who decide to do a same sex destination wedding in Spain.