Couples Photoshoot | David Biasi

I particularly love Couples Photoshoots. They are a great way to experience really special moments and to take photos in a calm and relaxed fashion, especially compared to weddings where everything unfolds at a much quicker and intense pace.

That’s not to say though that I don’t love doing weddings. One of the great things about wedding photography is the diversity of shots that can be achieved, taking advantage of the numerous and varied events that present over the day, to capture natural and spontaneous images under different lighting conditions.

It’s the more relaxed, less hurried nature of Couple Portraits that makes them different. There’s no need to focus on things like decoration, guests, flowers, outfits etc and unlike weddings, where there are usually and understandably nerves floating around (especially just before the marriage ceremony and the celebrations..), Couples Photoshoots have a real sense of tranquillity about them.

The sessions I do usually take place at a pictures location in Málaga (at a beach or in the countryside, for example) where the couple and myself can be alone. I tend to prefer taking the photos early in the morning or during the hours before sunset, as the light at these times is stunning.

A typical session would involve us going for a leisurely walk, enjoying the surrounding nature and stopping to take photos in the spots where we find the best light. The resulting images are always very natural, of course making sure that you are both comfortable at each stage of the shoot.

I don’t normally give much instruction when taking photos, although if necessary I will make suggestions (never to the extent that the images are forced or artificial), to ensure that you go away with the best possible photographs. We would finish the session just as the sun sets, making the most of those moments of magical, soft light at the end of the day, which produces really beautiful images.

So, with that, if you are madly in love and would like an unforgettable memory of your relationship, I would love to meet and spend an afternoon with you, enjoying the best spots that Malaga and Marbella have to offer.

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