Same-sex couple photo session

same-sex couple photoshoot in Spain

Same sex wedding photography in Spain or couple’s sessions are really special for me, I love to share this special day with the couple. I have photographed many gay weddings in Spain and today I want to show you some photographs of a same sex couple’s which I loved doing, with some guys who have been a real pleasure to meet. There was a photo sessions in different locations of Malaga. Same sex wedding photography or pre wedding sessions are always exciting,  to get to know the couple and enter into a natural flow, which makes the images full of life, reality and makes it really enjoyable capturing traits of their personality and the complicity which exists between them.

On this occasion the most important thing was to try to get them to feel comfortable and themselves, to get images that were less stereotypical. I hope I’ve achieved this but what I can say at the least, is that I felt very good in the session and I think they did too, everything happened in a very natural way, we passed through various places in Malaga, in the south of Spain, and I barely had to instruct them, well, David I did have to put in his place a few times when he started making up poses haha. I wanted to share with you a little bit about how they are and how their relationship is. They have had the generosity to accompany my images with their words.

We crossed paths by chance, a mutual friend decided to introduce us to one another and I think in that precise moment something inside us sparked. It wasn’t until a few months after that we started our relationship; the truth is that it was so natural that we almost didn’t realize and now it has been nearly seven years. We have always had a good friendship within the relationship and we continue having that friendship, but what’s more, we are now good ‘life companions’. Seven years gives the time to go through good and bad moments and to live many adventures and we have found each other to be the perfect person to share all those experiences with.

We are very different but we think we have made that a strong point of our relationship: we work well together, understand each other well and of course, we don’t get bored of each other! On the other hand, we know what really matters is that we agree, that we search for the same things, we respect each other, support each other, we love each other…and that is great! We really wanted to have photographs that as time passed, reminded us of this moment, as we are and as we feel now. We met David Biasi, we saw his wedding photography in Spain that he has took to a friend of us, and decided to organize the photo session. They were in two different locations, the first and the last hour of the afternoon, and despite the cold weather, the memory that has lasted is the good time that we had.

It was a very different session to the typical one that you’d imagine. It was very natural, without posing, we only had to show ourselves as we both were so it turned out to be very simple! However, we wanted to take advantage of the occasion to thank David for all of his instruction, his good energy, his patience with us (we didn’t stop laughing), in short, his professionalism. We hope to have you at our wedding! Well, I will hold them to that. I am looking forward to the day that they decide to marry and to be their photographer. I have done many same sex weddings in Spain and this one I would love to photograph in particular because I have become very fond of them. All the best guys ! And despite the complicated circumstances that you have now, I know that everything will quickly improve. Lots of love guys

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