Wedding at Joya de la Luz | Jose & Moises

wedding at joya de la luz

I quite simply love these guys! Today, I want to show you a beautiful at Joya la Luz, Tarifa. A gay wedding in Spain I had the great fortune and honor to be the photographer of this couple’s wedding and I must admit that for me, it has been a true delight. As soon as I met them at the pre-wedding session, I could see just what good people they were. They were so thoughtful, polite and warm with me. It was really special for me to be able to capture and tell the story of their beautiful and above all, moving wedding in Tarifa.

There are two magical places where this wedding takes us. One of them is the simple yet gorgeous Chapel, in the heights of the mountain, the place of the ceremony. The second is the rural house in which we spent the weekend with the couple’s closest friends and family. It was a simple but modern house, high up in the mountain and surrounded by woodland and the incredible Tarifa beaches. I remember the day of the wedding well. I woke up in the morning and started to make my way to the house. What struck me was how calm everything was. Only the cheeping of the birds, the gentle nattering between the tress and the fresh smell of grass accompanied me.
Soon after, a shy stray dog lovingly approached me, breaking his shyness and who then decided to accompany me until we reached the Villa Joya de la Luz, his company I much appreciated. I continued in this way, getting lost deep into the environment that surrounded me, when I then arrived at the house, the door of which was open and Moncho, the couple’s dog, sniffed me and gave me the seal of approval.

Jose and Moises were enjoying a coffee with their friends on the terrace, I said hello, and they smiled at me and invited me in. It was in this calm, relaxed way that everything started. Both this place, as well as Ermita, had the magical feeling and tranquility that Jose and Moises were looking for, and surprised all of the guests. From this wedding, what I remember the most is the emotion and nerves the couple felt throughout the morning. Even I felt nervous. It was without doubt an incredibly important and significant day for the two of them. Not only were there the typical wedding nerves being felt, but many other important things also gathered on this intense day.
This year, I have done two gay weddings and they have both been similar with regards to the height of emotion felt and the significance of the celebration both on an emotional and familial level.

And I mustn’t forget to thank Jolanda, the wedding planner from Tarifa Events, for her marvelous work, making sure that everything was perfect and that all the couple had to do was enjoy it. I am also very grateful to Raúl, for the great job done by Goyo Catering. Now, without further ado, I leave you with the photographs from this beautiful wedding at Joya la Luz.