Natural & Elegant Wedding Photography

Natural & Elegant Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer in Benalmadena

wedding photographer in benalmadena

Benalmadena Wedding Photography


My name is David Biasi, I am wedding photographer. Welcome to my website.

I love to take creative, relaxed and fun photographs. Every wedding is different and I want to tell the whole story of your wedding day in all its glory. From all the memorable moments with your families and friends, to the tiny details you have both planned and put together

I love nothing more than capturing images filled with love and honesty, ensuring your wedding photos are a true reflection of your personalities. If you’re seeking a natural documentary style to suit your relaxed wedding, then you’ve come to the right place.

Whilst my photography is of a narrative, documentary-type style, I always take my photographs in an intuitive, free way, allowing myself to capture what I see and feel in each moment. I think this then translates to photos that have a unique, personal look.


Finally, in addition to taking more creative photographs, I of course also do group photos of family and friends, which are also really important.

I love to photograph destination weddings in Spain and all around the world, Including of course, Benalmadena. I really want to hear from you. You can see more of my wedding photography or engagement shoots through the galleries or by visiting my blog for all recent weddings.

If you want to talk about your wedding in Benalmadena with me and how I can get an original photographic journey of the day for you, then please email me at or click on the “Contact” link in the menu and fill in the form.

I look forward very much to meeting you in your wedding in Benalmadena.