Wedding in Iowa | Jenni & Jose

On this occasion, my job as a wedding photographer took me to the United States. I was traveling around and falling in love with the depths of rural America and managed to cover a fair amount of Iowa, where I very much enjoyed seeing the landscapes, old and modern farms, the huge corn crops where it feels like you lose your vision and time stops, and also the warmth and kindness of the people. I was living with the bride and groom for a few days, and it was exciting and somewhat moving to wake up in Jenni’s house one morning to find a deer in the garden. A deer, that like a spring, suddenly jumped up and disappeared back into the woods, after having allowed me to photograph her in an improvised early morning session. With the heat of the first few days, that even for me being from Málaga was surprising, i have to say that it gave me a bit of a fright to witness a thunderstorm on the second day. Jenni and Jose put me at ease though and told me that we weren’t however in the tornedo season, which was a huge relief! Our destination, Decorah, the beautiful village of Jenni’s parents and finally Dubuque University, where Jenni did her degree and where her wedding ceremony was celebrated. I would continue telling more of this lovely story but as writing isn’t my strength, i will leave it here. Thanks guys!! I wish you all the best! See you son..