Malaga Portrait Session | Margarita & Javi

Wedding Photographer in Malaga


It is in this beautiful way that Javier and Margarita told me about their relationship and about why they decided to do a portrait session in Malaga.

‘From that first day at University, I saw something special in her. As soon as we started getting to know each other better, I could confirm it. She came from Estonia, so I had to learn a few words in her language to surprise her. After, I found out that although she was of Estonian nationality, she in fact came from a Russian family and that made things a lot easier. There were so many things to discover about each other…and when we finished with that, we could start to see the world together…and that’s how it was and that’s how it is’. ‘We both have an adventurous spirit and travel whenever we can, with the least possible but enjoying it to the max. ‘We have always thought that photographs have a special power to remind us of memories from each place that we visit, of the people, the landscapes and even the smells…’ ‘When we saw the photos for the first time, it surprised us to see details that for us, went unnoticed. In moments of doubt and difficulty, to see ourselves in these photographs, both together and so happy, makes us resolve any bad feelings and gives us strength to try to achieve that harmony that the session reflects. These photos remind us of the couple that we are’.

The text and the photos were published in one of the most important and current wedding blogs, which you can see in the following link: “Una boda Original”. Thanks for everything Margarita and Javi!! I wish you the best!!

Wedding Photographer in Malaga